Sunday, August 10, 2008

i have measured out my life in coffee spoons

I fluctuate between loving and hating my family. Today I mostly love them. When my sister isn’t being stubborn or purposefully irritating, she can actually be quite hilarious. We can quotes movies and do impressions together for hours. I need to work harder at consciously getting along with her. We are each other’s strongest allies when we aren’t busy bickering. Honestly, my mom hates it when we both side against her on something.
Oh, my mother. When will I ever learn to get along with her? Sometimes I wonder if are personalities are too contrasting for it to be possible.
I am feeling so much better today, almost liberated. The sun finally came out, but a faint breeze kept the weather from being utterly unbearable. I love sitting on the deck and reading when that sort of miracle occurs. I finished I Capture the Castle yesterday and it was very different from what I expected but I loved it, nonetheless. Finishing books the day you buy them is such a nasty habit though! I always chastise myself from barreling through them the way I do, but I don’t have enough self control to keep myself away from the beckoning pages. I have a whole theory about this that I was planning to share here, but I do believe I will save it for another day.
It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. I bought Clueless for the whole sum of five dollars and was positively elated. I’ll most likely watch it tonight with chocolate and two cans of Diet Coke. You can’t watch a movie like that without indulging in at least a few guilty pleasures. I have two new books to read too, and for the first time in weeks it feels like I’m regaining some control and composure back. Maybe all the lists I’m making on my listography (check it out, by the way) are getting me back into the swing of setting goals.
It’s not like all the bad stuff went away, I’m just choosing to ignore it for right now.

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