Monday, November 30, 2009

roll your eyes, & move right along.

I will not try to be eloquent
Nor impress you with my wordy ways
Elongating sentences with strings of adjectives
Fragments for emphasis.

No, I'll cut straight to the chase. I
was prettiest when I wasn't eating
At all
And taking my cues from Cassie and Daisy
and Sylvia Plath

And it isn't about the boys,
Because they either like you or
They don't
Most of the time it is the latter
At least, when it comes to the good ones

It's about the girls you see, and how they all get together and talk.
About their thighs that jiggle, and look like cottage cheese
In shorts, in summer heat.
Those girls, more than anything, make me want to stick my finger Down my throat.
Not eat for three days.

It's about being lovely, you see
To yourself
And to the mirror,
Like a wisp of smoke.