Thursday, December 18, 2008

white winter hymnal

The snow that cascaded out my window yesterday morning had me feeling wild, untamed. Every fiber in my being yearned to be exploring this newly acquired frosty wonderland where snow angels and arctic foxes ran free. It was if I had been put under a spell, able to explore the land of my dreams for one blissful day. Let’s go find Mr. Tumnus, I proclaimed to my sister as we pulled on our winter jackets sleeve by sleeve and set foot on our first snowy adventure in years.

The lamppost in the woods. We found it, and knew that Narnia had come alive.

Tilly didn't know what to think of the phenomena, a mix of curiosity and terror. Nevertheless, we named her princess of all the forest creatures and she reigned over her barbaric subjects with glee.

I adore these mittens. They remind me of a story that was read to me so long ago about a tiny girl who dropped one of her own favorite mittens in the snow. This would have been very distressing, except that on Christmas night a little field mouse crawled into her mitten and was able to escape the bitter cold. I recall liking the tale, but but feeling sad that the little girl never found out what a service she had done for the mouse.

Porthos, the polar bear. He used to be real, but tragically the White Witch turned him to stone.

I live in the real Stars Hollow. Except there is no disgruntled café owner to fall in love with, to my immense disappointment.

Little orca whales swam by, riding on ferocious winter gales.

Frostbitten and satisfied with our adventures through the wardrobe, my sister and I retreated to the coziness and warmth of the local coffee place. Rich scents of cinnamon and clove wafted up to our nostrils and transported us to some European haunt. Contently, we sipped our hot cocoa as we watched the few remaining flakes descend from the sky. It was Mother Nature’s early Christmas present to us, and we had enjoyed every minute.


Colin Matthew ( said...

That cinnamon roll looks fantastic. Down here in Portland we're also getting bucket loads of snow. It would be nice if I didn't have to venture out and get to work.

Tiffany said...

Yes, I have a feeling I would be enjoying the snow a whole lot less if I had somewhere important to be getting to. Thank God that the world of academia allows for breaks!

Jennifer said...

What a fun romp. :) And lovely photos, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I really love the pictures you post on your blog, very inspiring.

Following you!

tiffany;; said...

Why, thank you! I can't wait to make your better acquaintance.

bodyelectric said...

I am in love with the prose/poetic aspect of your narrative, combined with the photography (it was like receiving a picture book in a simple blog entry) Something akin to a wintry meditation.


tiffany;; said...

I am absolutely flattered. Thank you for the wonderful compliments, I hope you keep on reading! :)

Anonymous said...

i love winter pictures! yours are too cute :]

tiffany;; said...

Thank you! I love winter pictures too, simply can't get enough of them!