Tuesday, February 3, 2009

sping awakening

I'm reaching out for Spring. April mornings that begin with squishing your bare toes in the dewy grass. Bike rides that bleach your knuckles white and leave tangles in your hair, that exhilarate you more with each lusty inhale. I want to eat berries until my fingers have turned every shade of purple. I want to take off my coat and feel the warm air lick at my skin.

Summer is swollen ankles and feeling restless. Summer I can live without. Spring, however, I need if I am to be revived from this Winter's coma. I yearn to thaw out, to once again become reborn.


Jennifer said...

My allergies go crazy once spring rolls around, so I have never been too fond of the season. But I am definitely looking forward to the warmer weather.

And for the record, your posts are so refreshing to read. :)

tiffany;; said...

Oh no, allergies are a bother! Mine are year round, and cause me to be out of sorts more often that not. I can sympathize with you!

I'm so glad! :)

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