Wednesday, August 20, 2008

if you have big ideas you have to use big words to express them, haven't you?

My mom makes a carrot cake and the aroma wafts through the kitchen. I sit and drink a strong cup of English Breakfast tea. A cracked open window brings in a faint breeze and the sound of falling rain. I wear my favorite worn-in boots and a long, willowy cardigan.

In every way imaginable, it feels like autumn.

The summer seems to be dying at last and I, in turn, am becoming myself again. I have this ever growing sense of excitement because there are so many things to look forward to! Fall shopping, redecorating my room, the return of school, a new season of Pushing Daisies, and a long list of books that need to be read. Applications to be turned in. Paychecks to be collected. New resolutions to be fulfilled. I'm a bit of an oddity and keep my self improvement goals until the beginning of the school year. I can't seem to muster any motivation in the dead of winter.

Anyways, I don't think I can share all of my idealistic, happy resolutions. It always seemed like bad luck to exclaim that sort of thing to the world. I guess it is safe to say that I am planning in writing in my real life paper journal every day. I can't let blogging keep me from my inarticulate scribbles. I want to write more. I need to finalize my college list. I must beg my parents to let me go somewhere exotic, to travel abroad. I need to reread all of my favorite childhood books before I start turning into a big, bad adult. Reacquaint myself with Anne Shirley (who so adorably stated the subject line to this entry), Jo March, Wendy Darling, and the whole lot of them.

Also, the wardrobe to Narnia is placidly sitting in my kitchen. Perhaps, I'll post pictures later. First, I must go explore its interior.


Jennifer said...

I can't wait for autumn to come. It's been my favorite season for goodness knows how long. I like how there's so much (good) anticipation in the air, especially in regards to school. I'm glad that you're feeling more like your old self again. :)

I guess it is safe to say that I am planning in writing in my real life paper journal every day.
Excellent! Me too. Even if you only write a sentence or two every day, I think it's a good habit to keep up. The best of luck on that!

By the way, I heart the photos that you find on flickr. :D

Tiffany said...

Yes! Autumn. I always make an excuse to go "school supply" shopping even though I know I'm much too old for it. It's something about the good anticipation you mentioned.

Yes, photo finding seems to be one of my new hobbies, it seems!